Monday, May 23, 2011

Interactive Couching and Task Management Software - Standard in Future?

To me it seems quite natural that humans like to play and that games can have a positive effect on our cerebral activity. Especially in situations, where daily work gets quite monotonous, which is usually the case where personal interaction and motivation is missing or just drops down. Today more people are working more and more time independent on PC-Screens. Email and Information-Portal more and more replace quite more interactive personal meetings. The backside is that personal one to one communication, often transmits far more emotions and it is far known, that most our brain work is based on unconscious emotional settings. A common result of that is, that many people tend to waste time on webpages like facebook, youtube, news- or wikipages or online games in case of working efficiently for the company, companies like rescuetime and maybe a couple of others have realized that, but still not hit the point, that far more important then any methodology of task management is personal motivation to use them.
While every professional soccer-team has its own motivation psychologist, in industry you hardly never find that. So I was thinking, how it would be add time and task-tracking technologies like rescuetime offers, with an interactive motivation and couching system, that would convert your working day in a kind of PC-Game and most important be very efficient to control productivity. I am almost sure that future operating systems will behave much more like humans. How would such a personal assistant program look like. Just imagine the following use case:  George isgoing to office and turning on his machine, after authentication appears a 3D - Avatar, what for some reasons looks a little bit like the secretary two floors above and Lara Croft. With a little Synthetic, but quite understandable voice, she says:

Hi George, did you get well to work? Have you got your Coffee as usual? Two buttons appear
a) Everything fine, lets start working  b) I will be back in 5 minutes
George uses second option, back after 6:30 minutes, PC-Avatar cheers:
"Nice to have you back, that were 6:30 min. There have been some important emails during night, I tried to priorize them. Please go through the following: ".... showing most important  Emails... the option to read them is deactivated, since George tends to read Mails by himself.
After finishing most important Email. Avatar comes back, asking for most important objective of the day.
George types in a sentence.
Avatar is asking which task(s) needs to be fulfilled for that. George is putting 3 tasks which rely on each other, and also giving his estimation of time. Avatar is asking, what George would need to full-fill that tasks most efficiently. Avatar reminds George about first Task to start and asked what would be measurable result after next hour! George selects from some predefined options and starts working.
While George works, couching software monitors activities, like websites, telephone calls during work and it uses a PC sensor that realizes times George is not in front of PC or in a position that indicates George is sleepy or in a Position that is bad for Georges Back. So after 39 minutes, Avatar Pops up, yelling please sit Upright! After 50 minutes Avatar indicates that there are 10 minutes left to finish first task. After 52 minutes, Avatar pops up, telling that his friend Dave is calling giving the option to take it ,program recall or just block it. George voted for recall in free time. After exactly one hour Avatar is asking, how George feels about his results, George clicks the smiling face and that he totally completed his task. Avatar asks, if Dave wants to read some news, he could be interested, Dave is taking a 10 minute break to read news and 5 minutes more going to toilet. Coming back, avatar Shows second tasks, and already has some related Mails and notes from previous meetings, that fit quite well the task..... Avatar is asking for the result of next 2 hour block and where George would upload it...

Sometimes George calls his Avatar Tamagotchi, but since his company introduced that software, he never feels alone.

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