Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cutting costs for WebHosting and MailHosting to zero!

After dealing some years with content management we took notice that most clients payed for web- and mail-hosting including a lot of features they never used nor did not know how to use them. Therefore usability and costs are usually among the most important factors when it comes to think about a provider for mail or a company website. That´s probably why so many companies (Google states over 2 million) have switched to Google Apps.

Google Apps provides a quite complete online office suite, but main reason to try is its outstanding mail-service allowing 50 free accounts, each up to 7GB and it's possibility to create website for any project you want to communicate to certain people or the whole world.

Google Apps comes in three version, standard, professional and educacional. The free standard version is good for all companies that:

  • Do not have more then 50 employees or can live with splitting employees into groups of 50s.
  • Want a homepage for the principal purpose to publish (current) information
  • Focus more on to be found in Internat then fancy design or interactions.
  • Search a platform to collaborate online and track progress
  • Need simple Intra-/ Extranet enabling more effective communication then Email.
  • Want to reduce hardware and license costs as well as maintenance and update costs.

Among main doubts companies have, is security of their data. First, yes Google must have without doubt more  powerful information then the CIA on its servers, so it is a good idea to think about risks as well as opportunities. But imagine what would be the consequence, if a security leak in Google Apps would get public? There is a pretty high chance, that such a loose of reputation would be a bigger loss for Google then most 50 employee companies are worth. Maybe exactly this is the reason why until now I could not find any small company that was able to compete in Googles efforts to ensure secure data and connections to its service. Anyhow there is the chance to take care of personal backups allowing to stay independent and switch to another provider, anytime it makes sense.

All companies require is a domain-provider that allows full access to server configuration. Exidon Digital Solutions can help you with switching and setting up your service as well as Roll-Out and maintenance in your company. Taking the amount of free-space into account, Google apps also is a good opportunity to automate mail-backup of companies existing mail service.

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